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Our Giga shoes

The brand

Small-sized shoes with lifetime impact

We create and produce perfectly fitting shoes for children.

Our main concern is to produce quality footwear oriented to optimize the performance of healthy walking.


Our Philosophy

You’ll probably get a year tops out of these shoes, right?

But in that year memories will be made, miles will be run, meters will be jumped, and feet will grow closer and closer to their final shape and size.

That’s why we know that even if you can’t wear them forever, GIGA shoes are guaranteed to make a long-lasting impression.


We follow a code of ethics to choose suppliers, we look for quality raw materials that have less environmental impact and suppliers that value and treat their workers fairly.


Made in Portugal

And we take this very seriously. We make our shoes in a sustainable way, in the north of Portugal, where shoemaking is second nature and first craft.

Because children will one day inherit the land we walk on, we want to make each step counts.

We create shoes that will perfectly adapt, and fit, the feet of the future.

We believe we can make the difference

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