Let them choose their shoes

Why and how you should let your kids decide what to wear


Let's admit it: everyone just loves to be their children's very own fashion consultant. We can already see every outfit, the perfect combo for that weekend party, the adorable beach look. But we soon find out that our sons and daughters have a mind of their own as well.


If your child has suddenly started to question your wardrobe choices, don't panic; it means they're growing up and developing a sense of individuality and personal taste. Obviously, this also applies to shoes.


Embrace this new chapter with positivity and help your child feel comfortable in their choices with these tips:


Provide a guided selection

Kids crave control. So let them have it... or part of it. You know they specifically need a pair of sporty sneakers, but the colours or model can very much be up to them. If you give them multiple options to choose from, they'll gladly accept a model you already agreed with.


Accept your child's taste

You might not enjoy boots, and your kid is allowed to have their own dislikes as well. Be open to their preferences (within reason) and understand why they don't feel comfortable with certain shoe models. Sometimes the problem might be easy to solve.


You really can't step into your child' shoes

When it comes to fit, shoes are as personal as clothing gets. Make sure your child is not disregarding comfort when you're shopping and trust their feelings. If they changed their opinion after a couple of weeks, that's ok. There are always other shoes to try on.