When shoes can take a break

Five places where your child (and you) should go barefoot


As you might've guessed by now, we love shoes. That means we care about feet, as well. And while nothing can beat a good pair of comfy, broken-in sneakers like our Cortez, the benefits of taking the shoes off occasionally have been scientifically proven. This is especially true for children: walking, running, and climbing barefoot contributes enormously to develop balance, muscles, and the feet's bone structure, which can take until the late teens to fully develop.


But let's get real, you're not just about to let your kids run around the city in their bare feet. That's why we've gathered a list of five places where your children can take the GIGA shoes off and go barefoot:


  1. The beach

This one is a no-brainer. The beach is best enjoyed when you can sink your toes into the sand. Don't forget to check if the sand's too hot.


  1. Sports parks

Let's get sporty. Grab a ball, head over to the local sports park, and spend an active afternoon on the large, cared-for grass pitches.


  1. Playgrounds

The rubbery floor on most playgrounds is perfect for some barefoot action. A quick scan will let you know that no dangerous objects are lying around.


  1. The woods

Bare feet are particularly useful when climbing a tree or jumping over a rock. Get in touch with nature, and let your kids enjoy the best gym they could have.


  1. At home

It's your space, where you and your family are the most comfortable. Between the kitchen tiles, the bedroom's hardwood floors and the rug in the living room, there's a lot of texture for feet to explore.